About centre

That the center of radiation protection the executive arm of the radiation protection one of the formations and the Ministry of Environment within the framework of the functions of the ministry as a supervisor is the center of a regulatory consultant under the Law on the Prevention of ionizing radiation No. ( 99 ) for the year 1980 in force where The center controls on the peaceful uses of radioactive sources and all nuclear and radiological devices in the owner  institutions and used them and ensure the availability of the means of prevention of exposure or contamination by and through the application of safety standards and safety for the environment and the community and workers , which includes the following main aspects :
1 . Controlling the movement of radioactive sources inside Iraq through licensing of all private sources of radiation acts as import, export , transport, and sale and purchase , storage and trading ... etc. .
2 . Workplace monitoring and the application of safety standards and safety approved and adopted during the work on the radioactive sources and statements are conducting on-site inspections and initial and periodic these sites .
3 . Follow the exposure of workers in the field by measuring the radiation doses personal exposure to them periodically through the use of technology to measure the level of radiation Movies and TLD system so special.
4 . Study the biological effects of radiation through a periodic medical examinations for workers.
5 . Monitoring the Iraqi environment in terms of radiation and is the measurement of the background radiation in the models of the environment (soil - water - air).
6 . Radiation assessment of food products and consumer goods by conducting laboratory tests and certification authority for human use or consumption of imported materials ( food - consumer ) in terms of radiation as well as the certificate of freedom from radioactive contaminants of materials exported out of the country .
7 . Imposing sanctions on violators of the provisions of the Law on the Prevention of radiation no. (99) Of 1980 and the regulations, instructions and data regulators issued there under .
The center seeks hard to control radioactive contamination in the Iraqi environment in different areas, including: -
1 - Examine the remnants of iron and scrap the licensing act to non-polluting ones.
2 - Control over the projects, dismantling and removal of nuclear facilities destructive of the former Iraqi nuclear program through a licensing and regulatory oversight on the disassembly and removal plans prepared by the Ministry of Science and Technology.
3 - Evaluation of naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) in oil installations and other extractive industries.
4 - The use of modern technologies through processing laboratories with the latest equipment to measure pollution and exposure.
5 - Draw a map of radiation to Iraq.